Freehold Conversions in 2018?

It has been 6 years since the last opportunity for Leasehold titled properties to convert to Freehold title and it appears there is another opportunity in the near future. Recently, a letter was sent to Leasehold owners asking for “expression of interest” applications to be completed if they were interested in Freehold interest in their property.  Details such as price, procedure, etc were NOT detailed as they stated the level of interest would determine the feasibility of moving forward. The letter stated that May 2018 was the possible timeline for allowing the conversions to happen. The owner will have to create a Disclosure Statement and provide it to those interested prior to “conversion” happening.

SOLD! Mount Washington Sale Finalized

SOLD!! On November 3rd, 2015, the original owners of Mount Washington officially announced the sale of Mount Washington (ski hill and development land around the mountain) to Pacific Group Resorts Inc. out of Park City, Utah. For more information, check out Mount Washington Sells. The new buyer owns three resorts in Eastern USA and have some advanced snow making technology in use at those resorts. For those familiar with Mount Washington, snow making is vital in early season success. The other resorts owned by PGRI have been developed into 4 season resorts with many other activities available for the year-round experience.